Conservatory Blinds


Conservatory blinds are essential for keeping the heat out during the summer and the warmth in during the winter. It’s also amazing how much you can transform your conservatory into an usable living area with properly designed and fitted blinds.

The fabric I use to create my conservatory blinds is a material called Duette. The benefits of Duette for conservatory roofs are the shades soft, durable, and highly energy efficient. The shades built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter. The cords are also very neatly hidden inside the fabric, so the over all effect is seamless.

With hundreds of colours to chose from it is very easy to select the perfect match for your home, whether you want to create a statement or keep things simple.

There is the choice of extension pole, crank arm or remote control operation depending on your requirements.

Remote control options are available for this product.

Window shapes

Duette® Shades are soft, durable and designed to cover almost any window shape.

UV protection

Conservatory blinds protect you, your furniture, wooden floors and valuable objects against damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Cool for summer!

Filtering light and insulating your home all year round

Conservatory Blinds Sussex Surrey & Kent
Conservatory Blinds Sussex Surrey & kent
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