Duette Shades


Duette Shades are highly versatile, not only are they my number one choice for conservatory roofs but due to their ability to fit so perfectly into the tightest spaces, they are an excellent choice throughout your home.

We have coined the phrase “Perfect Fit” which applies to Duette blinds that can be fitted directly on to the glass area of UPVC windows and doors. They feature a framework that marries up perfectly with your existing glazing, allowing you to open windows and doors with the blinds attached.

Remote control options are available for this product.

UV protection

Duette® Shades protect you, your furniture, wooden floors and valuable objects against damaging ultraviolet radiation.


Duette® shades also offer privacy. The desired position of the shades and level the amount of light can be easily controlled. With 7 different ways a duette® shade can be stacked, this blind is ideal for over looked rooms, or for privacy.

Excellent heat & light management.

Blindstar East Grinstead
Blindstar East Grinstead