Twist “Day & Night” Blinds


My “Twist” blinds give you total flexibility for privacy and light management. They feature a very robust system with either metal chain or remote control operation.

The fabric is stylish and durable and comes in over 100 different colours. The blinds can be easily set with the stripes open or closed at any position on the window, allowing you to have good daytime privacy whilst maintaining your view.

I like to think of this blind as the “Dust free” alternative to the classic venetian blind.  It’s a brand new design which creates a very stylish effect to any room.  They are also very suitable to larger windows like bi-fold doors for example, whereby in daytime when the doors are open the blind can be lifted completely out of the way.

Remote control options are available for this product.

Innovative classic

Twist Blinds take the traditional look of a venetian blind, mix it with the practicality of a roller blind and come in wide range of colours and slat sizes. From Vibrant bold statements to simple neutrals that will really bring your home up to date.

Distinctive ambiance and privacy control in one

Video demo!